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Travel Guide to Mount Parnassos and Delphi - Greece

The region of Parnassos in Central Greece is a very inspiring part of the country, combining perfectly the huge mountains, with stunning coastline.

It comprises of the counties of Viotia, Fokida and Fthiotida, and together, these combine to offer a beautiful and perfect setting for your holidays in Greece, no matter which time of the year you visit.

In ancient times, this was a very sacred and spiritual place, where many people from all over Greece came to worship Apollo.

Today, the region of Parnassos and Delphi is still visited by people from all corners of the world, but for slightly different reasons.

The ruins of ancient Delphi are the most visited sight in this region, and in fact the site is only second in the number of visitors, to that of the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens.

However, there are also many more reasons why this unique, magical region of Greece is worth visiting.

Each of the counties that make up the heart of Parnassos show a beauty of Greece that is often overlooked.

During the winter season, the ski center on Mount Parnassos (or Parnassus as it is also known), is an extremely popular destination for many, with its excellent ski and winter sport facilities.

During the other seasons of the year, the mountain ranges of Parnassos are perfect for those who enjoy hiking and trekking, providing some delightful scenery and landscapes, as well as much sought after peace and tranquility.

The region of Parnassos in Central Greece, is one of extreme beauty, flourishing nature and one that needs to be explored to be fully appreciated.

The history of this region is as important as that of ancient Athens, and whilst Athens has become much more modernised and crowded, the region of Parnassos remains virtually the same as it was thousands of years ago.

The site of Ancient Delphi is so perfectly located, that visitors will often find this site so much more interesting in terms of natural beauty than other ancient sites in Greece.

It is a place that has remained virtually unchanged, and it is easy to imagine how the place of ancient Delphi would have been all those years ago.

On this website, we have tried to include all of the information that will be useful to you for your visit here, as well as providing you with some images of the area's beauty.

You will find information on nearly every village and city in the region, as well as hotel and accommodation listings, history, churches, useful phone numbers, photos and much more.

We hope you will find this web site an invaluable tool for planning your journey to Delphi and the magical Parnassos region of Central Greece.

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