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Agoriani - Parnassos Greece

Agoriani is a beautiful mountainous village, "Sitting in the lap" of Mount Parnassos, on the west side of the mountain. It is at an altitude of 850m and has striking views of the mountains Kallidromo and Zitouni. Agoriani (Eptalofos) Parnassos Greece  Delphi Hotels Holidays Parnassos Travel Ski Tourist InformationAgoriani is located northwest of the ski centre and north of the large village of Arahova.

This is the village where the fairies and muses would dance for the god Apollo, in the village's forest. During the revolution of 1821, this is also where the revolutionists would congregate.

Agoriani is a village with seven hills, all filled with stories and tales of history. The forest of Agroiani is a place where many famous and important cultural figures in Greece would be inspired, and would transfer these thoughts and feelings into written work.

The village is so peaceful and beautiful that at times, it is easy to think that you are in heaven on earth. The original name of the village was "Eptalofos", which means "seven hills".

Heavy snowy winter, temperatures down to -15 Celsius. Summers are mild and ideal for summery vacations, without the discomfort of the usual heat waves that can plague other parts of Greece.

Beans (which have won the Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Thessalonica), large tomatoes, honey, tea, nuts, fruits such as cherries and apples, and the famous dairy products such as cheese.

You can combine your visit to the sites with other activities such as skiing, trekking or hiking, or simply walking around admiring the beautiful and inspiring scenery. During the winter, the ski centre is a popular destination, whereas in the summer season, you can take part in such activities like the collecting of tealeaves. The best tea is in the area of Kokinorati.

Agoriani (Eptalofos) Parnassos Greece  Delphi Hotels Holidays Parnassos Travel Ski Tourist InformationYou can go to Agia Trianda for trekking or cycling, as well as for the feast on the day of celebrations for the Holy Spirit. At Bromovrisi or Pirgaki, you can enjoy the gorgeous views that are on offer.

The forest is also the ideal place to go to for relaxing, where you can admire the nature here, or simply sit down and read a book in these peaceful yet beautiful surroundings.

There are so many kinds of flowers here in Parnassos, that the mountain has over 50% of all kinds of flowers found in Europe.

You can explore the cave of Korikion, or the mountain plains of Aftastomo. The Basilica stream is a perfect place to visit to sample their pure waters. There is also the waterfall at Matesis, which is 50-60m high, and is truly an inspiring and attractive sight to behold.

Following the route E4, which is the International route for trekking and hiking, you will pass through the forest of Parnassos. After about 3 hours or so, you will be in Delphi. After all of the trekking and exploring, if you have the energy, you can enjoy an entertaining nightlife in Arahova, which is the neighbouring village.

Famous People who have Honoured and loved this place with their Presence:
Zaharias Papantoniou stayed at Andritsos Loisos's house. Aggelos Sikelianos stayed at Sakafleris's house. Irene Spandonidis, who wrote the Agorianis songs, stayed at Splinis's house. Konstantinos Kazantzaris stayed at the house of the old-Sakafleki. The village was the refuge of many of the revolutionists and fighters of the great revolution against the Turks, such as heroes Odisses Androutsos and Makrigiannis.

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