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Delphi - Parnassos Greece

The city of Delphi is spread out around the foot of Mount Parnassos, and lies majestically between two huge rocks, which were known in the ancient years as "Ihambias" and "Nafplias".

The imagination of the ancient Greeks is visible all around this city, as it seemed to have developed further than reality would have allowed in the old times. Delphi Greece Parnassos Greece Delphi Hotels Delfi Holidays Parnassos Delphi Greece TravelThis can be traced back to the actions of Pythia, who was the main priestess and lived permanently in the ancient temple of Delphi.

She was the one, who under the influence of bay leaves and mystic fumes, was giving prophecies and future predictions, as well as explaining the meanings behind omens.

There is evidence of having life in this region from onwards of the 14th century BC. From the 6th to the 4th Centuries BC, this city was the most important place in the Greek world, and this can be appreciated with the sacred area of Delphi being covered with unique and beautiful statues and structures.

Drama and music would take place in the theatre, as well as athletic competitions and music shows taking place at the stadium. At the centre of the sanctuary was the temple of the Olympian God Apollo.

Around this temple were smaller buildings, statues, passages and treasures. Delphi would have been a very beautiful and impressive place in these old times, but the actual temple was the most amazing and beautiful structure of them all.

The temple was filled with gold statues and other priceless treasures, all of which were an offering to the most radiant God of Olympus, Apollo. Even by visiting the area today, you will be able to sense and imagine the beauty that flourished in this area in the ancient times.

Most of this is thanks to the dedication and hard work of archaeologists, who have all worked effortlessly due to their admiration of the ancient years here in Greece.

For centuries, all of these treasures were covered and protected by "Mother Earth" (Soil and natural elements), Delphi Greece Parnassos Greece Delphi Hotels Delfi Holidays Parnassos Delphi Greece Travelwho was the first of the Olympian Gods to be worshipped in the temple of Delphi.

On top of these ancient treasures, and preserving them was the village of Kastri built around 1892. However, when the French Archaeological University started digging, the whole village was relocated, and renamed Delphi, which was the original name of the village.

The relocation of the village took only a few years, and even after its move, people from all over the world are still coming to admire these ancient treasures.

A visit to Delphi should not just be the visiting of the museum and archaeological sites, which are of course highly important and attractive, but the village itself should be explored.

Visitors to the village of Delphi can have a very enjoyable time walking around the village and visiting some of the many beautiful and unique shops in the area.

There are hotels of all categories in Delphi, where you can find accommodation, and there is also a fine selection of restaurants and tavernas, bars and cafes, and nightclubs. There are also banks and a tourist office, so everything that you may need can be found here.

During the summer at the ancient stadium, events take place such as drama shows Delphi Greece Parnassos Greece Delphi Hotels Delfi Holidays Parnassos Delphi Greece Travelor athletics, which are well worth seeing. You can also visit the house of Agelos Sikelianos, who was a great poet and a very important figure in Greek culture. This house operates as a museum, and there is a small fee to pay to visit it.

Following the ancient path, which in the old days was known as E4, you will be taken on a beautiful walk with lovely scenery and green nature everywhere. This path will take you to the top of the mountains.

During this walk, it is a good idea to take a stop at the area of Fedrianes, because the view from here is magnificent, and you are sure to want to take a photograph or two of the stunning views.

Looking down you will see the archaeological area, and a little further is the olive groves of the villages of Hrissos and Amfisa.

A little further away and you will be able to see the villages of Itea and Galaxidi. Here you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the Peloponnese and the mountains and sea. This is truly an inspired sight.

Continuing the walk will take you to the village of Crocki, and a little further on and you will reach a place called Palaio Panagia, which is where the Korikion Caves are located, at an altitude of 1360m. It was in these caves that traces of human presence were found, thought to be from the Palaeolithic era.

There are also camping sites in and around the town of Delphi which seem very popular with visitors to the region. You will often see a convoy of caravans travelling around the Parnassos region.

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