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Itea - Parnassos Greece

Situated along the Crissaean Gulf, and extending to meet theItea Greece Parnassos Greece Delphi Hotels Itea Holidays Parnassos Itea Greece Travel neighbouring region of Kirra,which is a very ancient town, the area of Itea is a relatively new city.

Founded in 1830, Itea soon became an important industrial and and commercial hub, due to a series of fortunate incidences.

The population of Itea is approximately 9000 persons, and it is a very modern and active city. The port of Itea is an important commercial port in the region, and transports large numbers of commercial goods, as well as travellers to and from the region.

There are several beaches around Itea, such as the popular beaches of "Trokantero" and "Maiami", which have been awarded the "Blue Flag" by the EU for their exceptionally clean waters.

The geographic location of Itea means that the sea is accessible from two sides, making it a wonderful and relaxing environment in which to enjoy some very special holidays.

The region is very popular with both locals and visitors from abroad, and there are several events and activities that take place here. These activities and events include the two popular rallies, known as the "Acropolis" and the "Olympian". Itea Greece Parnassos Greece Delphi Hotels Itea Holidays Parnassos Itea Greece TravelThere are also sport events that take place, such as swimming, cycling and basketball.

There are also local cultural events that are organised, and to which all visitors are invited to join in with the festivities.

Itea has a very strong infrastructure for tourism, and has a nice selection of hotels and accommodation, as well as places of entertainment such as bars, cafes, restaurants and tavernas.

There are also some impressive sights and places to visit which will make your time spent in Itea highly enjoyable.

In the area of the port there are the remains of a medieval tower, which many believe was actually operating as a lighthouse. The nearby area of Kirra is one of great interest, and has a very interesting and unique history.

This combination of Itea and Kirra, bringing together the modern with the ancient, make the region a very interesting one that will offer both moments of peace and tranquility, as well as being able to provide visitors with a range of interesting activities and sites.

The picturesque fishing boat port, ( Not the main port ) is a lovely setting with bright and cheerful colours, and there is a small but nice sandy beach virtually next door which seems to be very popular during the summer months.

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