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Souvala - Parnassos Greece

Apano Souvala is a village with history dating back to the early centuries. It is a very beautiful village, and there are many interesting sites that are worth visiting. The splendour of the surrounding nature and area itself is amazing, with pine forests, streams and caves, churches and ancient sites.

At the southwest of Apano Souvala, at the ravine "Xerieas", is the cave of "Kontilos". This cave is very spacious and has many beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.

At the south of Polidroso on the hill, a little further up from the stream of Alegousas, another, very deep cave was found. This cave is also very rich in stalagmites and stalactites.

In the main square of the village visitors can see the church of Kirias, (Panagia, the Angel's Lady). The church of Agia Barbara is also close by, near the stream surrounded by the green beauty of nature. Inside this church you can admire the wooden iconostasis, which was made by the hands of local Souvala artists. A little further down from the village is the old church of Agios Athanasios.

Apano Souvala offers the perfect opportunity for holidays all year round. The natural striking surroundings, the fresh water from the streams, and the green pine forest all combine to create the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful and relaxing time.

The road that leads to the top of Mount Parnassos passes by the streams of Zelis, which is southwest of Apano Souvala and at an altitude of 1200 m. This road also passes Karkavelia, which is at an altitude of 1400m.

This road comes to an end at the ski centre, and the journey along this road is one that you will remember for a long time, due to the beautiful scenes and views that there are along the way.

In the village of Apano Souvala, there are numerous restaurants and tavernas, which serve home made and traditional tasty cuisine. The people of the village are extremely friendly and welcome every visitor with a smile and open arms.

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