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Kato Tithorea - Parnassos Greece

The city of Kato Tithorea is located at the 15th km on the old National Greek Motorway, Athens-Lamia. Kato Tithorea is at the north of Mount Parnasssos and south of Mount Kallidromo.

Tithorea Kato Greece Parnassos Greece Delphi Hotels Ski Centre Holidays Parnassos Tithoria TravelThe city is situated in an important area at the valley of the river Kifissos. Kato Tithorea is that capital town of the municipality of Tithorea, and has a population of 4902, according to the census of 1991.

Apart from Kato Tithotea, the municipality also includes Tithorea, Modi, Agia Marina and Agia Paraskevi. There is a big train station that is an important junction, for the people of the area. Train is the main form of transport for the people here, to and from Athens, and the duration of this journey is approximately an hour and a half.

The train is also the quickest way of travel for access to the north side of Parnassos, and allows the traveller the chance to see the impressive beauty of the mountain of Parnassos. The train passes through the villages of Tithorea to Agia Marina, as well as past the mountain of Kallidromo.

Before the Persian Wars, located in this area, were the ancient cities of Neon (today known as Tithorea), and Pedies (today known as Kato Tithorea). However, these ancient cities were burnt as destroyed by the army of Xeries.

You can still see the evidence of the evidence of these ancient cities, by the many graves and signs. There were also coins that were found in and the eastern side of Kato Tithorea.

These things also provided proof that the city existed before the 2nd Holy War, as well as references made by Hirodotos in his books about the wars. The town Kato Tirothea appeared during the recent years, as Kalivia of Tithoreas (Velitsas) renamed to Kifissohori in 1912. It took the name Kato Tirothea in 1955.

Chapel of Agios Haralampos in Kato Tithorea.
Old antique train engine at the train station of Tithorea.
The big plain tree of Agia Marina, which is a protected monument of nature.
The monastery of Kimiseos Tis Theotokou, chapel of Agia Marina, during the Byzantine Period in the village of Agia Marina.
The stone toughs for water in Agia Marina.
The castle of Agia Marina.
The pine forest at the areas of Houbaou of Agia Marina, with a path which leads to the streams of Agia Marina.
The chapel of Panagia (Virgin Mary), on Mount Kallidromo.
Archaeological findings, Roman baths and trees which are centuries old.

Kato Tithorea is one of the cities in Greece which actually has a rising number of inhabitants. IE: 1971 = 1625 inhabitants, 1981 = 2051 and 1991 2825. The rising population is probably due to the fact that this is an extremely attractive area in which to live.

In the whole area of Kato Tithorea, a lot of festivals take place during the year. The celebration of Agia Marina takes place on the 17th July, celebration of Agias Paraskevis on the 26th July, Metamorphosis of Sotira on the 6th August, and Mikiseos Tis Theotokou on the 15th August.

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